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Salzburg’s potential of achieving a future with a splendour matching that of the last few decades lies above all in the hands of art, culture, young talent, internationality and excellence. Salzburg could gradually fade away into a museum-like space in these fast, globalised times unless it boldly joins forces by sending a clear signal that the highest aspirations are within reach through creative innovation.

When the Mozarteum was founded in 1841, the unique success story began unfolding from the combination of art, education and culture. 20 years ago the institution finally joined the ranks of the other federal universities in Austria.

For it to maintain its status of excellence, the Mozarteum University Salzburg needs visionary and innovative partners capable to think ahead and to shape the future - for a unique location, for a culture in transition, for a Europe in a globalised world community.

In the last three years, the Mozarteum University Salzburg has won a box seat in the international ranking of music and art universities, which it must courageously keep in the coming years through total sustainability and innovative skills.

Large projects such as a new building, endowed professorships, investments in digital transformation, new formats of high culture and much more are already in the starting blocks. A key to the success of every high-ranking university worldwide, however, also lies with friends and partners who benevolently accompany the dexterity of students, researchers and teachers.

The International Society of Mozarteum University Salzburg, together with outstanding artists and researchers from the Mozarteum, assume visionary, idealistic and material support of the Mozarteum University Salzburg to promote the exploitation and development of the art-historical and artistic research in a lively dialogue with the university, its teachers, students and researchers. The aim is to work on a sustainable and courageous future concept for the Mozarteum University Salzburg and to actively help with the implementation of this future concept.

"The International Society of Mozarteum University Salzburg"

Members of the board

Prof. Dr.

Max M. Schlereth



Christian Dreyer, MBA

1st Vice President


Elisabeth Gutjahr

2nd Vice President


Anastasia Weinberger

Financial Officer


Elisabeth Gerwin


Pavle Krstic, MA

Representative of the artistic/scientific young professionals

Official insurer